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Publishing Marketing

Publishing Marketing

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Successful development of a modern book publishing enterprise is impossible without effective marketing.
Marketing efforts largely contribute to the fact that the publication, book series, author become more famous and in demand.

The course is intended for students who want to improve their professional qualifications. This is a must for traditional book marketers and managers, entrepreneurs and book business owners.

Successful completion of the course will allow students to: - master a variety of analytical tools to create a realistic marketing strategy; - master the basic principles of forming a publishing portfolio and its development in accordance with the marketing strategy of the publishing house; - assess the market potential of book publications and prepare a plan for their promotion through effective advertising campaigns and processes; - apply the main schemes of sales promotion and management of the process of selling publications to achieve the financial goals of the publishing house.

Course developer: E.V. Solovyova - candidate of philosophical sciences, editor-in-chief of the "Book Industry" magazine, implementation of projects: "Cultural Map of Russia", "Monitoring of the Moscow Book Market".

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Incl. 20 % TAX
The Marketing in Book Publishing course covers the practical side of the marketing activities of a commercial book publisher.
The course covers:
• The main types of marketing research and their targets
• Basic principles of the formation of a publishing portfolio Basic principles and pricing formulas in modern book publishing
• Methods of pricing and price management strategies;
• Basic schemes and opportunities for complex efforts to stimulate various audiences
• Distribution activities of a publishing company.

distance learning technologies (case training), e-learning, implemented through online forms.
Students are provided with access to the course materials for 90 days.

During the training process, all participants receive free access to the E- library system IPRBook and electronic library "URAYT", as well as to the Reference system "Consultant Plus".

After completing the course according to the results testing, a Qualification certificate and a Certificate of advanced training of the established form are issued.