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Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights Infringement - How To Protect Your Business?

Businessmen often have unpleasant situations related to the violation of intellectual rights. The main reason is a banal ignorance by the businessman of the legislation in the field of patent law. The representative of the trademark owner usually makes a test purchase and sues for compensation for the infringement in case the businessman does not have the consent of the right owner to use the registered trademark.

A responsibility

Responsibility for violation of intellectual property rights will be a significant blow to the budget for small business because it can range from 10 thousand to 5 million rubles. The businessman is often offered an out-of-court settlement before the start of the trial on the fact of violation. Nevertheless, the amount of payments will still be more than 10 thousand rubles. In short, the essence of the sanctions for such a violation is a big fine.

However, sometimes a businessman can only bear partial responsibility, or even win the case altogether. This usually happens if the businessman has the necessary knowledge in the field of trademark protection. Such a businessman will always be able to prove the legality of his actions, or to catch a fraudster in the copyright owner's representative, thus winning a lawsuit.

How to protect yourself?

It is not necessary to hire an expensive lawyer in order to protect yourself from sanctions for violation of intellectual rights and misuse of trademarks. At the Institute of Economics and Management in Industry, we have specially created courses for businessmen on the basics of trademark law and on the rules and procedures for trademark registration. After completing these courses, you can always defend yourself and your business both in court and out of court. Courses can be taken remotely without interrupting your business.

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