Educational platform for distance learning



For training centers

A modern distance learning management system that allows you to organize multi-format training, form a knowledge base, develop and control the competencies of employees.

The platform has a wide range of tools, user-friendly interfaces for complete learning management.

The platform supports the most popular standards in e-learning: IMS, AICC and SCORM. In addition, you can download presentations, images, video, audio, and text files.

Standard subscription price – 1,200 rubles / year

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For small business

A platform that helps various business units solve training and information dissemination problems.

The platform has flexible system settings and materials management, allows employees to gain new knowledge quickly, in a convenient place and at the right time.

Bring your ideas to life and stay on top of the employee development process. With our Platform, you can:

- Tell about the company and services;
- Automate interaction with departments;
- Conduct online meetings with clients;
- Automate the adaptation of new employees;
- Create training programs;
- Conduct trainings and skills development;
- Increase employee loyalty and reduce employee turnover.

Standard subscription price – 1,200 rubles / year

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For teachers and tutors

Distance teaching, online tutoring is beneficial for tutors, because the demand for distance learning is constantly growing. Online tutors have more opportunities to find students and a more flexible schedule.

This platform allows you to organize a full-fledged educational process both with an individual student and with a group. The platform makes it possible to post teaching materials, homework assignments and provide feedback, as well as conduct lessons online. The platform has a large set of tools that will allow you to flexibly customize the educational process, focusing on the needs of students.

Standard subscription price – 1,200 rubles / year

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